Lies From The Past: A Viet Nam Tale
A Novel featuring Poetry by Wm. Stephen Edwards

Lies From The Past
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Lies often come in threes: lies we tell, lies told to us and truth unspoken. In Lies From The Past: A Viet Nam Tale, oilman David Canfil is deeply impacted by all three kinds as he faces cancer and extraordinary wealth.

A wounded warrior in the Viet Nam War, David has faced life with a missing leg and shrapnel scars, distracted only by a cutting-edge robotic prosthesis and a demanding career in Dallas, Texas. Keeping his cancer a secret, David calls upon his war buddies to visit the Viet Nam War Memorial, known as The Wall.

While visiting the Memorial Mall, events leads the veterans from the Willard International Washington Hotel by LearJet to Ho Chi Mihn City on various personal quests. The quantum physicist, Kevin, wants to go back to his Vietnamese bride in Dalat; the university professor, Macon, wants to defend his position on war; the homeless junkie, Dalton, wants to face his demons; the holistic healer, Pham, wants to go home; and David’s dying wish is to find the woman he thought had died.

Their adventures in modern Viet Nam are part drama and part science fiction as time travel and Buddhist enlightenment interface with Catholic nuns and a cowboy from West Texas.

ISBN 978-0-9836337-1-6

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